Brewing a Wet Hop IPA with Skull Gully Hops

Aug 27, 2017 | Beer, Events, Friends, Hops

Earlier in the year, we had the pleasure of meeting Damian & Michelle Muscovich of Skull Gully Hops to discuss our respective plans and this inevitably lead to the discussion of a collaboration brew.

Skull Gully have started up a hop farm just north of Heathcote, with Chinook, Goldings and Cascade planted last year and harvested in March. Spencer dropped in to help with their first harvest, which involved separating the flowers from the vines and drinking freshly dry hopped beer.

Unfortunately, being in the middle of the Shiraz Republic’s grape harvest, a fresh hop brew was off the cards, so instead we began talking about brewing a Wet Hop beer together later in the season. Damian, being a homebrewer, made a couple of trial batches using his hops – which we tasted out in the winery to come up with a plan and recipe.

The brew, a version of our XPA-Lidocious, modified to use Skull Gully’s first-year Goldings, Cascade and Chinook, was designed, using pellets to bitter and around 7 kg of wet hops in the whirlpool. The brew day was a great success, albeit with one small issue… Our wort strainer was stuck in customs and without it, some hop cones managed to escape the kettle, fantastically clogging our heat exchanger (HX), preventing transfer and extending the hop stand. With some improvisation, we managed to pump the wort out and alas, our planned Wet Hop XPA became a Wet Hop IPA.

(The HX required a good few hours of reconstruction and cleaning, too).

Cornella Real x Skull Gully Wet Hop IPA is set to be released at The Shiraz Republic’s inaugural Sunday Session on the 24th of September. There’ll be music from local singer-songwriter Jimmy Stewart, Matt’s going to swap his mash paddle for a spatula to craft up some smash¬†burgers and there’ll be plenty of opportunity to meet both the brewers and hop growers throughout the afternoon.

Cornella Real x Skull Gully Wet Hop IPA. Bright and golden in colour, with plenty of fruit on the nose from the wet  Cascade, Chinook and EK Goldings hops. Being a Wet Hop brew, this beer has a sweet, grassy bitterness that follows on nicely from the crisp malt body.
$30 gets you a six-pack of the Wet Hop IPA, a pot on arrival and a burger. Bottle stock is extremely limited, so book now to avoid disappointment. Otherwise, call in for a Sunday Sesh at The Shiraz Republic. Book now!