We are Cornella Real, the newest state of The Shiraz Republic. Quenching Heathcote’s thirst for beer since 2016.

Cornella Real is a nano-brewery located in the heart of the Heathcote Wine Region, at The Shiraz Republic. Starting in 2016, we produce small batch, quality ales with a focus on English styles. Sharing The Shiraz Republic’s philosophy of winemaking, our beer is hand crafted with quality ingredients, using natural and traditional processes.

Our inspiration for brewing comes from our experience travelling around the UK and drinking the ‘real ales’ that are iconic of its beer culture.  The Campaign for Real Ale (in charge of classifying what makes a ‘real ale’) is one that seeks to protect and promote producers of ‘real ale’ who only use traditional processes and ingredients. We brew our beers in line with this philosophy where we can, while taking the liberty to experiment with ingredients. The Real in our name has come to mean more than our alignment with the movement. To us, Real now signifies real beer, made by real people using real ingredients.

In Spanish, they use the word elaborar (to elaborate) to describe the processes of beer and wine making. The difference in philosophy being that the ingredients are nurtured to completion rather than a beer or wine being made.

A lot of craft beers and wines today involve a lot of scientific processes and manipulation that result in an engineered-feeling product (many of which we enjoy regularly). Traditionally, ales have been made with minimal intervention while achieving tasty results. Our beers are made with feel, taste and love, hand crafted all the way from ingredient to glass – to us, this is what craft and artisanal beer is about.

We believe that with quality ingredients, a good recipe and sound processes, you can make great beer. In fact, we think we do.

Our Beers

American IPA

4.8% alc 70 IBUs

– Australian Ale Malt
– German Munich & Crystal

– Centennial
– Chinkook
– Galaxy

Amber Ale

5.5% alc 20 IBUs


– Australian Ale + Chocolate
– German Crystal Malts


– Willamette
– Northern Brewer

India Pale Ale

7.0% alc 70 IBUs


– British Ale
– German Munich + Crystal


– Simcoe
– Centennial
– Cascade
– Amarillo

Extra Special Bitter

5.5% alc 45 IBUs


– British Ale + Crystal Rye

– German Crystal + Carafa II


– Goldings

– Fuggles

Black IPA

8.1% alc 120 IBUs


– British Ale, Chocolate + Crystal Rye
– German Crystal + Carafa II


– Cascade
– Sorachi Ace
– Citra

Special Run

We often brew experimental and seasonal small batches of beer.

Frequently available from our cellar door.

Come Visit Us

Cellar door open 7 days

Cornella Real

Cornella Real


The Shiraz Republic
507 Hamblin Rd
Cornella VIC 3551

(03) 5433 6338